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Connect with micro enterprises

Innomatch is a project, which has the purpose to get AAU students to create growth and innovation in micro and newly established enterprises. 
The project focuses on the interdisciplinary talent programme Scandinavian Talent where 30 selected master students participate every semester.

As a participant in Scandinavian Talent you get:

  • Upskilled your “toolbox” in relation to creating innovation and creativity on a practical level.
  • Network with a range of companies which share current and relevant cases that you will solute and present for the companies.
  • Contact with decision makers in micro and newly established companies, for instance with a view to making an agreement on a project collaboration or an internship.
  • Possibility to participate in the yearly event of Scandinavian Case Competition where you meet students from other educational institutions from Denmark and Sweden as well as interesting companies.

Apart from the talent program the project also focuses on matching students and micro enterprises for instance in relation to internships. You can read more about that here.

If you are a student then read more about Scandinavian Talent and the criterias for admission. Read more about other students’ experiences with participation in the talent program or internship in a micro enterprise.


Andreas Gasberg (left) from AAU’s Scandinavian Talent won a shared first place at Scandinavian Case Competition in Sweden with his group ”The Woolnion”. Read more about the participation in Scandinavian Case Competition.


More about INNOMATCH:

Innomatch is a 3-year EU Interreg project (2016-2018), which has the purpose of improving the innovation capacity in micro and newly established enterprises by connecting them with students as possible innovation resources for these enterprises. At the same time, the project aims to inform students about the career possibilities in micro and newly established enterprises. AAU runs the project with a range of Danish and Swedish partners, mainly educational institutions and business networks.



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