COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: We are still going strong!

Due to increase in Covid-19 cases in the country, we have some restrictions and changes in our current operations:

Office hours:

Office hours are currently unavailable, however we would love to have a talk with you about how we can help you.

Should you have any questions regarding our incubation facilities, the AAU Startup Program, how we work with startups or how you can become more entrepreneurial, please go to this page and use the contact form: SEA Contact Form

Should you wish to speak with a specific business developer, you can find their contact information on this page: SEA Business Developers

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Team SEA

SEA - Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University

SEA’s mission is to support, facilitate and motivate to knowledge-based entrepreneurship, in particularly among students, but also graduates, PhDs, instructors and other staff at AAU. The purpose is to further students’ entrepreneurial competences and improve their potential as future successful intra- and entrepreneurs. This is done through the development of initiatives in relation to PBL and entrepreneurship in AAU’s programs in broad collaboration with researchers and instructors, specially organized programs, courses and workshops, and through guidance of startup teams in the AAU Inkubator.

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