At SEA, we help students with business ideas to give them the best possible starting point to make their ideas come true and start their business, but we also offer cool entrepreneurial and career activities to all students. In particular, we focus on matching students who want to use their skills in a real-life context with our many interesting startups. This can be as an intern, writing a project, working together temporally on a case or a longer commitment as a team member in a startup.


You will get the opportunity to challenge yourself, test your skills, gather relevant work experience, gain insight into entrepreneurship, upgrade your resume and make yourself unique to a potential employer. Does it sound interesting for you and would you consider boosting your career opportunities? Then these events are relevant for you!

Portrait: Storm Design Studio

Storm Design Studio is a startup owned by Emma Gundersen, Aske Lynge Stubsgaard, Troels Søgaard Bock. They studies Industriel Design and have chosen to do an internship in their own business as part of their 3rd semester of their master.

As a concept for their bachelor project, they designed and developed an ergonomic tool for the sandblasting industry, which they now work full time developing into an actual product.

”At the university we normally discuss with our mentors, what might be possible… Now we ask the companies, what actually can be possible – It is like going from theory to real life!”

They are part of the Startup in Practice program, which provides the guidance and support they need to develop their bachelor project in a business-oriented perspective.

Click here to read more about Emma, Aske and Troels’ journey as students with a bachelor project to business owners with an actual product.


Together with UCN, SEA hosts Startup Dating twice a year, which focuses on matching startups and students. Here a match can be a project cooperation, volunteer work, study jobs, new team members and the like.

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Do you want to work in an interdisciplinary way with students from other study backgrounds to solve startup challenges? You will have the opportunity to use your own professional skills in a completely different setting, and work closely with an interesting startup helping it to grow. The program extends over 2.5 months and includes 7 workshops.

Read more about Scandinavian Growth Creators here


This program focuses on helping students who would like an internship in one of AAU's many exciting startups. As an intern in an AAU startup, you will be situated with the startup team in the Incubator, you get 1:1 with our business developers and become part of a vibrant environment. Our business developers will make sure that the startup is ready to include interns into their work and make a good stay for them. As an intern in a brand new startup you get a lot of responsibility, and at the same time you have the opportunity to make a huge difference.

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