Venture Cup is a nationwide non-profit organization that seeks to discover and develop university startups. Venture Cup represents all Danish universities, and we engage professionals from the private and public sector in the development of the startups. The core activities are: competitions, mentoring, idea development and networking.

Venture Cup works to inspire and empower university students and researchers to develop their ideas into successful companies.

The purpose is two-fold; to inspire and motivate entrepreneurship among students, and to turn academic knowledge into viable high-growth businesses. Venture Cup focus on entrepreneurship as a practical discipline and want to expose the participants to a great network of experienced entrepreneurs and business people, who provide valuable advice on a volunteer basis because they share our interest in finding and supporting Denmark’s leading start-ups. Venture cup is for those who are puzzling with a great idea. It might be a simple service or a revolutionary product that will change the world. Either way, you are looking for help to make it happen.

Venture Cup provides funding via the competitions, key networking opportunities, and vital feedback for your idea. You will get trained to do an awesome pitch, guide your focus in the early stages, and build a bridge to springboards and investors. Everyone involved at Venture Cup have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect the rightful ownership of your idea.

The competitions are central to Venture Cup's mission, yet they do much more. Alumni events, pitch training, Friday bars, investor meetings, Venture Cup TV etc. We work closely together with other organizations like Connect Denmark, CSE, Startup Bootcamp, and Startdust to make sure you get the best help to launch your startup.

Former Venture Cup winners from AAU includes among others TubusOne, LevelUp, Macellum, Debito, etc.