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A mentor has experience in his or her field and shares know-how and competences through guidance, coaching, consulting and feedback. A mentor can be a resource person that can be used for close collaboration. As a mentor you will be a discussion partner and a sounding board for the teams enrolled in the program and who can draw from your experience.

To be a mentor involves undertaking the role as the one supporting your mentees and requires that you have time for mentor meetings. Furthermore you have to be able to listen, ask questions and come with good advice.

This is an opportunity for you to become a mentor, and to become involved in the AAU Startup Program, where you will meet highly skilled and dedicated people, working as entrepreneurs to develop new and innovative business opportunities.



The entrepreneurs you meet will benefit from being matched to knowledgeable mentors who has extensive experience from working in industry or building their own company, and this is your opportunity to meet interesting and new business opportunities and talents working at building new startups. Furthermore, you might gain insight into new technology before anyone else as well as insight into new innovative business plans, new knowledge etc. You will get the opportunity to network across our network of companies and entrepreneurs.

Additionally, it will be a possibility to become a board member, a member of advisory board, interim CEO, and the like. It will be an opportunity to be more involved in the innovation and incubator environment at Aalborg University.

Does this sound like something for you? Then sign up as a mentor and be a part of an innovative environment with endless opportunities. Working as a mentor is by default unpaid, and we expect you to use around 1-5 hours a month, depending on a matching of expectations with the startup.


Apply to become a mentor

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Read the mentor toolbook

On this site you can download the mentor toolbook. 

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If you have questions, please contact Claus Skaaning at cls@adm.aau.dk.