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The team behind SGC

Here you see Line Uggerly, Jesper Helleskov and Rasmus Hedegaard. They will each be facilitating the process for a team of students and their respective startup. They all work with startups in their everyday and guide new companies in all kind of aspects. They are also responsible of hosting different workshops targeting entrepreneurs. The same way they are responsible of events such as Startup Dating where students with different backgrounds are introduced to and matched with startups.

Line Uggerly Jørgensen Scandinavian Growth Creators

Line Uggerly Jørgensen

Business Developer

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Jesper Helleskov Sørensen Scandinavian Growth Creators

Jesper Helleskov Sørensen

Business Developer

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Rasmus Hedegaard Scandinavian Growth Creators

Rasmus Hedegaard

Business Developer

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Moreover you see Jesper Vestergaard and Jesper Thinnesen who are the project’s learning consultants. Jesper and Jesper are the ones with the theoretical tools and methods that you will be introduced to in the sessions of the programme. Last but not least the programme also has a project manager, Liv Holm Andersen, who are in charge of basically everything else.

Jesper vestergaard

Learning Consultant

Jesper Thinnesen - Scandinavian Growth Creators

Jesper Thinnesen

Learning Consultant

liv holm andersen

Project Manager