Participating startups

Below you can read more about this semester's participating startups. The startups are from Aalborg University’s own Incubator, AAU Inkubator.

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Meet the programme’s three business developers and other key persons here.

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    ERGOTA Scandinavian Growth Creators

    ERGOTA consists of two graduated student who received their master’s degree in Sports Technology in 2020 from Aalborg University. As students they experienced that there was a lack of solutions to evaluate the effect of assistive equipment on worker health and well-being to improve ergonomics in the industry.

    ERGOTA is experts in performing ergonomic risk-assessment of almost any given working task. They are currently working on creating an automated software solution that can perform ergonomic risk-assessments for industry, production and craft companies. The goal is to be able to evaluate their working environment a have a concrete solution available for the customers within 5 minutes of data processing. They have chosen to participate in the SGC as they need help in designing a go-to-market strategy to scale their innovative ergonomic risk-assessment to customers, globally.

    "Our expectation is that through SGC we can connect with people who, like us, are passionate about entrepreneurship. We believe that SGC can be a helpful access to develop new perspectives on our business and with the input from the students we can accelerate our business and potentially bring new competences to into our company. We hope that the students, who are part of the SGC, actively participate and dare to challenge our opinions on our start-up.”

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    Ferseek Scandinavian Growth Creators

    Ferseek consists of Dusan and Gabriel, both with an MSc in International Business Economics from Aalborg University, Chris with a BA in International Sales from UCN and Martin with an MSc in Web Communication from SDU.

    Together, they are working on developing a platform where you can safely and easily negotiate travel tickets. They want to give travelers a more flexible way of planning their travels by giving them a platform from which they can quickly sell their already purchased tickets, while also give other buyers a place to find now cancelled/unwanted trips at an more affordable price.

    The startup looks forward to participating in Scandinavian Growth Creators. They hope to meet students with the courage to join them in some of the challenges they are facing, as well as students who are not afraid to come up with new ideas and solutions that can help them in their learning process.

    ”We welcome all ideas that could help us in tackling some of the issues on our way to become the global search engine for unwanted travels. Having said that, we would be very happy to help some of the students learn and gain experience from a real business environment in return."



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    GREEN WINDOW Scandinavian Growth Creators

    GREEN WINDOW consists of Thomas and Annika, both graduates from M.Sc. in Environmental Management and Sustainability Science in 2020, Jacob with a masters in International Business Communication in English and Martin Moos with an AP degree in Marketing and experience from both Tesla and EON.

    GREEN WINDOW’S mission is to make it easier for companies to become more sustainable and thereby strengthen their competitiveness. This done through three services:

    1. Online knowledge Library on Sustainability
    2. Online Network Platform for sustainability
    3. Individual guidance for companies.

    By combining these three services they make sure that companies have the best conditions for implementing more sustainable practices – without them having to leave the office. The team is currently working on developing the online platform and the tools to guide companies through this transformative process of becoming more sustainable.

    The Team behind GREEN WINDOW is excited to join SGC and work with the students to address the different challenges they experience as a young start-up:

    "We hope that by joining SGC we will meet people who, like ourselves, strive to create a sustainable future, and will take part in showing that sustainability equals good business. Furthermore, we look forward to the new eyes, perspectives and competences that the students will bring to our idea and its challenges, thereby making it even stronger. Finally, we hope to provide a hands-on experience for the students, so they gain an understanding of what its like to make it as a start-up”



If you have any questions regarding the programme, please contact project manager Annika Jørgensen: