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Participating startups

The startups you can collaborate with in the upcoming course are still a surprise, but below you can be inspired by meeting the companies that participated in the spring 2020. We will publish the participating startups on this page as soon as possible – so stay tuned!


MotionCatch Scandinavian Growth Creators

Our first startup is MotionCatch, who are developing innovative software to counter ergonomic problematics in physical work environments. They work directly with their customers to develop a solution that is both scalable and effective – avoiding as many long lasting injuries as possible.

MotionCatch has recently been selected for the 7-month development program Nordic HealthTech Talents, and are working hard to further improve on their product in close collaboration with experts and customers.

When we approached MotionCatch about Scandinavian Growth Creators, they immediately jumped aboard, excited to get a broader perspective on some of their current and future challenges – they are looking forward to work with you!

The two founders of MotionCatch finished their degrees in Sport Technology at AAU in 2018 but are still affiliated with the Incubator as they are part of the program “Innovative Growth”.


Watch a little video where Motioncatch introduces themselves and their challenges:


Robotto is a part of Scandinavian Growth Creators

Our second startup is Robotto. They are currently developing their Autonomous Wildfire Recognition and Analytics drone, AWRA. This drone will provide firefighters with realtime feedback with respect to the location, size and direction of a wildfire. Allowing emergency response personnel to gain control of wildfires faster.

Robotto won a pitch competition through Digital Hub Denmark, granting them to go to Web Summit and showcase, the largest tech conference in the world. Furthermore, they are one of the few pre-seed stage startups to be featured in Forbes.

Working with other startups and students is a part of Robotto’s DNA. They recently had the team behind FireObs as interns, who went on to win Nordjyske Nyskabere. They have also worked together with the Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration education at AAU, bringing in new knowledge and sharing ideas.

The entire team at Robotto have a background in Robotics Engineering at AAU. Robotto are, as MotionCatch, part of Innovative Growth.



Cryer Technologies

Cryer Technologies is a part of Scandinavian Growth Creators

Last but not least, we have Cryer Technologies, who are developing a unique software application to combat the decline rate of retailing at physical stores in Denmark. They believe that physical shopping can make a comeback by introducing a new innovative platform for retailers to attract nearby customers to their stores.

Cryer Technologies uses a proximity-based platform that allows retailers to market themselves to nearby customers; while allowing price-conscious customers to save money on purchases through the power of unity.

Unlike other startups in the Scandinavian Growth Creator program, Cryer Technologies is part of AAU Startup Program and consists entirely of students. The team has great expectations of the program and hopes to attract individuals willing to be part of a highly scalable startup that seeks to revolutionize the retail industry in Denmark. They are eagerly looking forward to meeting you!



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