Want to start your own game studio?

Many dream of running their own game studio - making the games of the future. The game industry is tough and we here at SEA are here to help you succeed with your dreams. 

We have made game development a special part of the AAU Startup Program as we acknowledge that game studios require a different service. Therefore, as a AAU Startup Program participant, the game studios get a few different perks:

  • Business Developer from the beginning.
  • Office space with other game studios for better networking and peer-to-peer problem solving.
  • A special mentor board and business panel with experts in different aspect of the game development.
  • Access to the Game Hub Denmark and Game Hub Scandinavia network and benefits.


Interested? You can sign yourself or your team up for the AAU Startup Program, when they are open. Read more about the AAU Startup Program here:

AAU Startup Program


Want to join a game startup?

If you don't have an awesome game idea, but interested in joining a team,
there are a few options available to you:

Join a team:

Sign up for our Join-a-team initiative, where you will be contacted in case we find a suitable match and invite you to the events where the chance of meetings teams is high! Sign up here!

Startup Dating:

Startup Dating is the main event where our teams come looking for individuals to join their team.
You can read more about Startup Dating on www.startupdating.dk.

Come talk with us:

We are always open to help you discover teams that fit you and vice versa. Come talk to us during our regular Office Hours, which can be found here.

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Contact information

If you have further questions regarding the AAU Game Hub, feel free to contact:

Jesper Helleskov Sørensen, jhs@adm.aau.dk.