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Learn how entrepreneurship can change your career and opportunities.

Have you often wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Do you think entrepreneurs only start new companies? Then SEA's Entrepreneurial Talent workshops are for you.

In 2018, we have revised our talent workshops in order to appeal to a broader range of students. Instead of five workshops, we will only do two, and their contents are vastly different.


The Entrepreneurial Talent workshops are divided into two workshops with different goals:

Workshop 1: Give the attendee a better understand of what an entrepreneur is and what their role is.

Workshop 2: Give the attendee some entrepreneurial tools to help explore their inner entrepreneur.


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Check our Entrepreneurial Talent event list to find out when the next workshops take place.


Upon completion of the Entrepreneurial Talent Program, we encourage students to apply for the AAU Startup Program, read more at https://www.sea.aau.dk/students/startup-program/

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If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Jesper Helleskov Sørensen by email: jhs@adm.aau.dk.