The potential of a bachelor project

The potential of a bachelor project

Emma Gundersen, Aske Lynge Stubsgaard, Troels Søgaard Bock are students at Industrial Design at Alborg University. They are at their 3rd semester of the master and participates in the program Startup in Practice, where they have chosen to do an internship in their own startup; Storm Design Studio. The concept and product of Storm Design Studio derived from their bachelor project, which they now work full time developing into a business.

Creative and innovative thinking

The theme and framework of their bachelor project were to improve a work-related situation for employees within a company. Emma, Aske and Troels began a collaboration with Carsoe as a business partner. The employees at Carsoe felt particularly challenged when performing sandblasting, because of the inconvenient working position, which over time could lead to permanent injuries.

”We had to be innovative and creative, because they already had tried several solutions… And then we thought of some fun ideas and solutions ourselves, before we got to a suggested solution”

During their bachelor project Emma, Aske and Troels ended up designing and developing an ergonomic tool for the sandblasting industry. The ergonomic tool were to improve the working conditions of the employees at Carsoe - which it did.

When finishing their project and exam they went to Carsoe to present their suggested solution of the ergonomic tool for sandblasting. The employees at Carsoe were so thrilled of the concept that they came up with an offer, where they offered to buy the concept as it was at the time or later on, if Emma, Aske and Troels wanted to develop it further themselves.

They therefore thought of their internship as an obvious opportunity to develop their ideas of the ergonomic tool into an actual product and business.

An internship in their own startup

The program Startup in Practice is a program for students, as Emma, Aske and Troels, where you get the opportunity of working full time to develop ideas or suggested solutions derived from projects during study.

”At the university we normally discuss with our mentors, what might be possible… Now we ask the companies, what actually can be possible – It is like going from theory to real life!”

Emma, Aske and Troels mentions how they think participating in the Startup in Practice program are relevant for students at Industrial Design, because they during study gets the knowledge and competences of concept and product development. However, they felt like they were missing competences and knowledge in a business-oriented perspective, which the mentors at Startup in Practice could provide.

“It is an awesome opportunity… And it is awesome that Aalborg University supports their students, when having a product they would like to realize”

Emma, Aske and Troels urges other students to participate in the Startup in Practice program, because it is a great opportunity for getting experience and challenge yourself within safe settings.


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