Portrait: REDO Neurosystems

Portrait: REDO Neurosystems

REDO Neurosystems is a company with ambitions of helping patients who suffer from chronic pain in muscles and joints. REDO Neurosystems wants to create a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment, which spares patients for side effects that usually can be associated with medicine. They hope to revolutionize the treatment of chronic pain patients and increase their quality of life.

"It will be great being able to help a larger group of patients without hurting them – and help make a difference"

The team that by a coincidence found each other

The company REDO Neurosystems is runned by Tor Duerlund Emanuelsen, Morten Kirkegaard, Mathis Rosenberg Sørensen and Rasmus Lund.

Together they form a team with a common motivation of creating something new, making a difference within medicine and for the individual patient. Morten has had a sick parent himself and spent most of his life in hospitals, which made him aware that he wanted to study and work within medicine. However, Tor and Mathis have always dreamed of becoming entrepreneurs and start up their own company.

“As an entrepreneur I like being able to plan my own working days and see something grow. You are a part of something, where you can help make a difference – instead of being one small unit within a larger company”

However, it ended up being coincidences that brought the team together. Tor and Mathis wanted to become an entrepreneur, but did not know which project or idea they wanted to engage in. They met an employee from SEA at Aalborg University, who encouraged them to participate in the commercialization of the research technology in pain-related brain activity. In addition, Morten ended up becoming an entrepreneur by a coincidence. He was engaged in the research of pain-related brain activity during his study and wrote about it in his thesis. Through his research, he found the interest of becoming an entrepreneur. The fourth team member, Rasmus, ended up being a part of the team by a coincidence too, because he had the competences and educational background they needed.

However, all of them had the motivation and passion to develop the research technology within pain-related brain activity further, which brought them all together as a team and as colleagues.  

Thus, the team behind REDO Neurosystems occurred by coincidences, they ended up establishing their company on behalf of an award-winning research technology derived from Aalborg University.

From research to business

REDO Neurosystems is a spinoff derived from a research technology at Aalborg University, where they have been researching ‘How to measure pain’. Based on years of research, they developed a software, which measures pain-related brain activity. These measurements and feedback are visualized, which makes it possible for the patient to see how their brain responses, when in pain. This can help the patients prevent and adjust a healthy pain response to pain-related brain activity later on.

At Aalborg University, they have been researching in pain since 2014. In 2018, Morten was engaged within the research where he helped performing the clinical trials. During the clinical trials, Morten and the researchers at Aalborg University became aware of the great potential and commercial value of the research technology.

”At this time I thought, if we can reproduce this within a larger group of patients, it will be epochal for chronical pain patients”

Morten, Tor and Mathis were to realize the potential and commercial value further during the program of Innovative Growth, where they participated in 2019.

The team mentions how their participation in the Innovative Growth program have been an important element in establishing their company, REDO Neurosystems. The Innovative Growth program has been providing the forum for realizing and developing the research technology further. They have been given the time, which they needed to focus on the concept, guidance in a business-orientated perspective and to improve their skills in pitching.

“If you have any thoughts of starting up a company on your own and becoming an entrepreneur, then I definitely think you should do it”

The team encourages other students to participate in the Innovativ Growth program, if you have any curiosity, thoughts or dreams of establishing your own company.

REDO Neurosystems is an example of how you can commercialize research and ideas during your study into a business. Today REDO Neurosystems is funded by Innovationsfonden Denmark, and has just received their new furniture for their future office at Grow AAL.


If you want to follow along REDO Neurosystems in their entrepreneurial adventure click here: https://redoneurosystems.com/

If you want to know more about the Innovative Growth program click here: https://ehnj.dk/i_v_eng