Containers as settings for innovative thoughts

Container Village is a temporary industrial area made of reused shipping containers at Stigsborg Waterfront. The company of Container Village has ambitions of uniting culture and business within innovative and creative settings. The reused shipping containers are supposed to frame learning, knowledge sharing and innovation, which they hope will encourage to interdisciplinary among industries and organizations.

The team behind the innovative container environment consists of Anders Pedersen, Thomas Pehrson and Tobias Lasota. They met during studies and all had thoughts of engaging in entrepreneurship prior involving within this project.

The balance of education and concept developing

The idea of the concept behind Container Village emerged when Anders participated in a workshop regarding the reuse of shipping containers. Prior engaging within Container Village, Anders has engaged in other similar concepts, which was why he was invited to the workshop. At the workshop, Anders met a team, whom had already been brainstorming about the concept and idea of reusing shipping containers. He found the ideas very interesting and introduced Thomas to the project as well, and over time, they ended up taking over the concept and further development. However, Anders and Thomas were students at the time, which made it challenging finding time to develop the concept further.

“We were students at the time, which made it very difficult being focused when working with the development of the concept. There were all these other things that made noise around us”

Therefore, it was not before the end of their studies they found it possible being determined and concentrated when working with the concept of Container Village. At that time, Tobias joined the team and they all got aware of the potential of the concept.

”At that time we thought, this can really become something great – which really got the project going”

They then decided participating at the Innovative Growth Program in February 2020.

Innovative Growth – an intensive and dynamic environment

The team’s participation in the Innovative Growth Program supplied the sparring, guidance and most important, the time they needed towards taking the final step of establishing Container Village.

“You get the time, incredibly great sparring and the tools you need for coping with the challenges you face as a startup”

Anders, Thomas and Tobias enhances how the Innovative Growth Program gave them the opportunity of working intensively with their project and concept. When participating in Innovative Growth you get a place for working and have a timeframe of half a year where you can work full time, which provides time and settings to immerse. At the same time, the mentors at Innovative Growth have a dynamic way of teaching, which meant that the team could administer their own time in a way that benefitted their work.

”Time is incredibly important to all companies, but especially for smaller companies and startups”

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