The students at Aalborg University continuously come up with ground breaking and innovative ideas, which could change the lives for many people around the world. But not all of them are confident to get it out there.

SEA aims to help students at Aalborg University to become more entrepreneurial in mind and heart by offering events and programs which enhances them to be able to conquer in the modern world, where having an overall understanding of business, development and managing is valued across the entire industry.

AAU Startup program

The AAU Startup Program aims to help students at AAU in their quest to turn their idea into a viable business.

The program is divided into three parts depending on the stage of the idea. The student will be guided in the process of validating their concept, assembling a team, developing a product, and launching on the market.

The program is for students at all semesters, educations and mindset. 

Read more about the AAU Startup Program here!

Entrepreneurial talent workshops

Once a month, we invite you to broaden your perspective, learn a tool or change your mindset  through entrepreneurial workshops. 

Our workshops are free for anyone and consist of various topics that can help you become more employable and able to hollistically apply entrepreneurial knowledge to your field.

Each workshop lasts 2-3 hours and focus highly on case-work, where a facilitator will guide you through the topic.

Read more about Entrepreneurial Talent here!

AAU game hub

Would you like to learn more about being a game developer? Maybe you are dreaming about starting up your own studio?

AAU Game Hub's purpose is to create better game developers through workshops, social events and startup guidance. 

If you have a game idea or want to know how you can prepare yourself for a career in game development, you have come to the right place!

Check it out here!

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Startup i praksis

StartUp In Practice is an offer for students who, through their professional background, have developed an exciting business idea and who they are interested in working full time on.

Or students who could be curious about what it's like to be an entrepreneur and try to be part of the dynamic culture that characterizes the entrepreneurial environment. Then they now have the opportunity to take a project-oriented course (internship) in their own, or one of AAU's many startups.

Read more about Startup i Praksis here.


The Inkubator is a Startup community for students at AAU. In several locations around the university campus, you will find startup communities and workspaces, where entrepreneurs have a place to work on their startups and where guidance is always just around the corner. It is not just a physical meeting spot and a place to go for students with an entrepreneurial mindset, but also a focal point for entrepreneurship activities at AAU.

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Courses in Entrepreneurship

Aalborg University offers a wide range of entrepreneurial courses and programmes. We have listed a few of the widely available courses. These courses will improve your entrepreneurial skills by working with exciting projects of your own choice.

 - New Venture Creation

 - Entrepreneurial Engineering


NB! These courses are curricular and not part of SEA.


At SEA we have a number of offers which are for you as a student, if you are interested in entrepreneurship and business development but would rather cooperate with an already existing startup than starting a business on your own. The opportunities to test your competencies in a practical setting, through internships, projects, case work and the like, are numerous.

Read more about it here.

Scandinavian Growth CreatorsScandinavian Growth Creators

Scandinavian Growth Creators is a unique opportunity to put your competences to use in a multidisciplinary context and make a concrete difference. In the programme you will work closely with an AAU startup and get to be part of their development. 

Read more about Scandinavian Growth Creators.

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is your chance to learn first-hand all the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

Through the exchange program, you will have the opportunity to work alongside an experienced entrepreneur in another European Country or even the US, Israel or Singapore, and thereby learning through experiences and strengthening your entrepreneurial skills.

Learn more about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs here!


SEA Mentors

We offer the opportunity to be considered eligible to get a mentor if you are part of a startup. We match our mentors with startup teams, such that the mentor is mentoring a group.

You can read more about how you get a mentor and which mentors we have, by following the link below.

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