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Research to Business Toolbox

Research to Business Toolbox

Tool box for helping entrepreneurs create impact from their research

As a researcher, you can use the tools to gain insight into the entrepreneurial mindset, acquire concrete competencies to help you commercialize or create societal impact with your research, or to get inspiration about alternative career paths outside academia.

As a facilitator, you can use the tools to create individual workshops about the entrepreneurial mindset for junior researchers or you can create longer training programs.

The tools include a “how to”-guide for both researcher and facilitator. You can use the tools in a step-by step-training process or select the individual tools that are relevant for you.

In which fase are you?

The tools in the booklet are categorized by 3 phases:

  1. In the Awareness section, you will find tools/cases to inspire you and increase your knowledge about the entrepreneurial tools and mindset and how they can benefit researchers in generating: Industry collaborations, impact creation, research funding, and alternative career opportunities.
  2. In the Competence section, you will find tools/concepts for hands-on training sessions and entrepreneurial competence-building.
  3. In the Realization section, you will find tools/concepts to help you or others move from idea to creating value from research.


Inquiries regarding the Science for Society toolbox are directed to business developer Claus Skaaning cls@adm.aau.dk.

Based on the former Science for Society project

The toolbook have been developed, tested and utilised in the EU Interreg project Science for Society, which, primarily, focused on teaching entrepreneurial skills to junior researchers (PhD students and Postdocs) and increasing their awareness of and competences in relation to how they can put their research into use, both as commercialization and societal impact.

Tools for integrating entrepreneurship in your teaching

As part of the project ”PBL og entreprenørskab – sammenkobling og udvikling af begreber og praksis, der fremmer entreprenante kompetencer på tværs af AAU”, a tool box with inspiration and concrete advice for instructors, who wish to implement entrepreneurship in their teaching/supervision of students, is made available.

See tools for integrating entrepreneurship in your teaching.

Science for Society 2.0 - from research to business

SEA is a part of the EU Interreg. Project Science for Society 2.0 wich is funded by Interreg ÖKS, European Region Development Fund. The goal of the project is to increase the level of commercialization of research – to go from research to business.

Read more about Science for Society 2.0.


                    Science for Society 2.0