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Life Science Solutions - from Research to Business - Aalborg

Life Science Solutions - from Research to Business - Aalborg


25.09.2019 kl. 12.30 - 15.00


The purpose of the event is to inspire PhD. students, Post Docs and faculty staff into commercialising ideas from research. Commercialising is not necessarily a matter of creating new start-ups, but also includes implementing new processes in e.g. the public sector.

A researcher does not necessarily have to create a new start-up, but might collaborate with students or external actors and together make it real.

This event includes short inspirational talks from different researchers who have been able to find practical applications of ideas derived from research. The participants of the event have an opportunity to explore the different pathways of entrepreneurship, interact with those that have experiences as well as meet the supporting staff at AAU who are ready to assist in such endeavours.

AAU hosts different events, workshops and activities, where participants can explore opportunities in entrepreneurship.



AAU Innovation is hosting inspirational events for researchers. Each event focuses on commercialising ideas from research, and the events are themed. However, you can participate even if the theme is not specifically relevant for you.

The theme for September 2019 is Life Sciences.



AAU Innovation



12:30     Welcome by AAU Innovation

12:45     Case 1: Biogenity, by Louis Loeb

13:15     Case 2: Aglance Solutions, by Shellie Boudreau

13:45     Innovationfonden: Opportunities for funding

14:15     About ‘Science for Society’ and ‘Open Entrepreneurship’ at AAU.

14:45     Networking – meet some of the researchers, start-ups and funders who have experience in commercialising research

(agenda may be adjusted, so please revisit prior to event date)


Important information:

You as an attendee must be a PhD student, Post Doc or researcher. You do not however have to have a specific commercial idea in order to participate.



Event will take place in Aalborg, Denmark. However, the final location is not yet confirmed (it will most likely be at Aalborg University or adjacent addresses)



Sign up no later than September 19, 2019 at https://phd.moodle.aau.dk/course/view.php?id=1278 


Number of seats:






These activities are part of the EU Interreg project Science for Society 2.0 (2019-2021).

Science for Society 2.0 - from research to business

SEA is a part of the EU Interreg. Project Science for Society 2.0 wich is funded by Interreg ÖKS, European Region Development Fund. The goal of the project is to increase the level of commercialization of research – to go from research to business.

Read more about Science for Society 2.0.


                    Science for Society 2.0