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Turn your research into business

Turn your research into business

In close coorporation with the project Open Entrepreneurship, SEA offers guidance to researchers, who are interested in commercialization of their research ideas. We have a wide range of offers that we adjust to suit your needs as a researcher. Our offers are especially relevant to PhDs and Post Docs, but are open to all researchers.

Why turn your research into a business?

  • Less than 5% of PhDs find careers in science - the rest pursue careers elsewhere. Why not base your future career on your research ideas?
  • You acquire commercial skills essential to your own startup. You can use these skills for innovation and business development in a future job.
  • Your research ideas may become businesses. You contribute to the utilization of science for the benefit of society.

You decide your role

It is important to us that you decide how much time and effort you would like to put in the process of turning your research into a business. If you want to start your own research based business SEA's experienced business developers are available for you, in order to help you develop a commercial company out of your idea in the pace you find suitable. If you are just interested in passing on an idea, we can help you build a strong team of entrepreneurial students around your research idea, in order to create a startup that will commercialize your research. We also offer different courses and workshops where you can learn more and relate the topics to your specific idea.

Learn more about what we offer below:

Book a meetingBook a meeting

Are you interested in discussing the commercialization of your research with one of SEA’s business developers? Are you just curios about th epotential of your research? Or do you need us to gather a team of students around your idea? Contact us to start a dialogue.


Book a meeting

Seminars, workshops and PhD coursesSeminars, workshops and PhD courses

SEA offers various seminars, workshops, and PhD courses focusing on entrepreneurship and commercialization of research. We also develop events that match the specific requirements within your field of research.

      Seminars, workshops
      and PHD courses

Research to Business toolboxresearch to business toolbox

Are you looking for tools for your own work on turning your research into business? Find inspiration in our toolbook.

research Toolbox

Science for Society 2.0 - from research to business

SEA is a part of the EU Interreg. Project Science for Society 2.0 wich is funded by Interreg ÖKS, European Region Development Fund. The goal of the project is to increase the level of commercialization of research – to go from research to business.

Read more about Science for Society 2.0.


                    Science for Society 2.0