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PBL & Entrepreneurship

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SEA works - through the project "PBL and entrepreneurship - interconnection and development of concepts and practices that promote entrepreneurial competencies across AAU" - for more students at AAU to meet entrepreneurship and have the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial competencies during their education. It is important to emphasize that the project is based on a broad understanding of the concept of entrepreneurship. Thus, the focus is not solely on entrepreneurship and the creation of new organizations, but also on educating proactive, enterprising and innovative individuals who, in collaboration with others, can translate ideas and knowledge into value, thereby strengthening their employability as being attractive candidates in the labor market.


  • How PBL and entrepreneurship can be linked (definitions, concept clarification and pedagogy). The Aalborg model for problem-based learning (PBL) is AAU's educational basis.
  • How value creation is defined so that it makes sense and can be implemented in projects across all fields of study at AAU.
  • How creativity and innovation can be implemented as a natural part of the students' semester projects.
  • Development of one (or more) entrepreneurship-PBL-model(s).

As part of the project, an entrepreneurship PBL project group has been established consisting of nine researchers from various faculties and departments at AAU, who jointly work to develop the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship and PBL as well as to collect and share knowledge about initiatives and practices that seek to promote entrepreneurship across AAU. Furthermore, a toolbox will be developed during 2019 with inspiration and concrete advice for instructors who want to implement entrepreneurship in their teaching/supervision of students. In addition, the aim is to establish an Entrepreneurship-PBL-network for instructors, researchers, PhD students and other employees at AAU with an interest in PBL and entrepreneurship pedagogy and didactics.

STATUS IN THE PROJECT in February 2019

Since the beginning of the project, the group has worked on clarifying the concepts of entrepreneurship and PBL and linking the concepts to a common working definition of entrepreneurship-PBL. In the next phase of the project (in spring of 2019), the group will carry out entrepreneurship-PBL experiments and/or gather up on existing experiences. These will be collected in a toolbox during 2019.



Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Spar Nord Fonden.



The project runs from April 2018 through October 2019.



Inquiries regarding PBL and entrepreneurship are directed to project manager Jesper Vestergaard jv@adm.aau.dk.

Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship