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All of our research to business activities are a part of the project Science for Society 2.0. We can help you whether you are interested in taking part in the commercialization activities yourself or prefer that someone else handle the process while you focus on your research.

Through Science for Society 2.0 SEA can help you:

  • Evaluate the potential of your research-based idea
  • Guide you in the commercial development process of the idea
  • Add talented and driven students to your project
  • Connect you with business developers who can help move the idea forward
  • Gain the knowledge and competencies within business development that you need to go from research to business


Contact us

If you are interested in participating in Science for Society 2.0 please contact Business Developer cls@adm.aau.dk to start a dialogue where we can evaluate whether your research idea is relevant to the program.


Our partners in the project

SEA is a partner in The Science for Society 2.0 together with 3 other departments at AAU Innovation: AAU Match, Technology Transfer Office, and Knowledge Exchange Center. Especially we work closely together with the project Open Entrepreneurship (OE) that aims to turn research into a sustainable business by connecting experienced entrepreneurs with the researchers.

In the project we also work closely together with other Universities and Incubators from Denmark and Sweden.

                                Interreg Science for Society 2.0