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SEA aims to help PhDs, instructors and other staff at AAU gather insight into and knowledge about entrepreneurial thinking in a wide sense. We focus on two aspects:

  • We help researchers, especially PhDs and Post Docs, turn AAU research ideas into business
  • We help researchers include more entrepreneurship in their teaching.


Are you interested in turning your research idea into a business? Do you have a research idea with potential but no time to work on it? Do you want to make your research useful to the world around you?

Through the Research to Business program, we can help you with:

  • discussing the commercial possibilities of your research
  • get students to help you gather more knowledge about the business part of your research
  • gathering a team of students to work on your idea
  • becoming an entrepreneur yourself
  • getting knowledge, tools and competencies through workshops and seminars
  • establishing collaboration with a company based on your idea

It is important to us that you decide your own role in the process based on your interests and how much time you have available for participating.

turn your research into business

Startup i Praksis

StartUp In Practice is an offer for students who, through their professional background, have developed an exciting business idea and who they are interested in working full time on. Or who could be curious about what it's like to be an entrepreneur and try to be part of the dynamic culture that characterizes the entrepreneurial environment. Then they now have the opportunity to take a project-oriented course (internship) in their own, or one of AAU's many startups.

Through both courses they have the opportunity to combine their professional knowledge with business creation, as well as the development of one entrepreneurial mindset.

Follow the link to learn more about Startup i Praksis.

Startup i praksis

Entrepreneurship in education

Are you interested in bringing entrepreneurship, innovation and external collaboration into your teaching? SEA can help you with:

  • finding tools and methods for your teaching
  • develop courses and material that matches the field of your teaching specifically
  • being a part of a AAU network of teachers that are all interested in sharing knowledge about entrepreneurship and teaching with PBL as the framework
  • finding specific AAU ambassadors in your own field and let them inspire you in your own teaching

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Entrepreneurship in education