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Accessible ONLY to AAU Startup Partners

TOWN HALL: A partner meeting for all AAU Startup Partners (all those who are enrolled in the AAU startup program or Innovativ vækst). Our meetings are held once every teo months and includes the following: Startup pitch, facilitated netvorking and needs-sharing, inputs from external guests, news from the incubator and a lot celebrating successes and fuck ups.  The afternoon starts with 2 startup pitches, one from an early-stage startup and one from a more established startup team. During the pitch the teams are encuraged to share startup problems and to train future presentations, this process helps facilitate engagement and knowledge sharing from the other participants to solve potential problems, and enghances the presentation skills of the teams.

STRATUP FUNDING: An event exclusively for a few selected startups who are ready to recieve funding. 

COUSES: The Incubatorregularly facilitates trainingsessions and courses in stress-management, project-controlling, and much more.


Advantages for AAU Startup partners

- AAU Startup Mentors
- Internet og print access
- Dedicated busniess developers.
- Access to councelling in information searches using AUB. 
- Access to relevant rooms in the incubator.


How to participate?

If you want to join the events it is important that you register.

If you are a student at AAU you can apply for the Startup program.

If you are a graduate you can apply to be a part for Innovativ vækst.

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