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Host entrepreneurs 

As experienced entrepreneur you will host aspiring entrepreneur from abroad at your company.

Architecture studios

"We have expanded our field of tenders from northern europe only to projects in Italy, eg. a tender for a dwelling area in Bologna."


- Morten Gehl, Everyday studio.



- New tender possibilities.

- Country specific knowledge.

- Implementing new methods.


Green solutions

Our consortium of partners is primarily focused on Green solutions. We are therefore able to help you expand your knowledge and network to reach you sustainable goals. 


If you are planning to expand your business internationally, this program is right tool for you to decrease the risk.

-You will have a chance to learn about foreign markets from “native” new entrepreneur.

- Expand your "green" network.

- Young entrepreneur can help you to develop your green network abroad.

- Get experience in developing your green network abroad.

- Broaden your knowledge and skills within green solutions.

- Expand your talent pool.



Heading towards international markets

“We have gain large knowledge on the opportunities inside Erasmus Plus and other European Funding. We have also gained in big parts from Barbara's large network and experience on how to deal with partners and external partners from other countries than our own.”

- Tobias Harpsøe, TIK Volley


- You will have a chance to learn about foreign markets from “native” new entrepreneur.

- Young entrepreneur can help you to develop your network abroad.

- You will have possibility to conduct market research together with new entrepreneur.

- Expand your network internationaly.

- Decrease the risks of going abroad.



"From the beginning it has not been my idea to take a lot from the NE - for me it was important to help others as I have been helped when I started as an entrepreneur. When that is said... it is also an investment in future for me both in terms of network and maybe direct business opportunities."

- Simon Bergh, 3D Printhouse 



- Mentor other entrepreneurs

- Benefit from new ideas

- Expand your network and knowledge 



Host Entrepreneurs

Do you want to expand your business while helping others?

About the program

As a host entrepreneur, you can benefit from fresh ideas from a motivated new entrepreneur on your business. He may have specialized skills or knowledge in an area you do not master, which could also complement yours. Most host entrepreneurs enjoyed the experience so much that they decide to host other new entrepreneurs afterwards.

It is really a win-win collaboration whereby both of you can also discover new European markets or business partners, different ways of doing business.
 On the longer-term, you will benefit from wide networking opportunities, and, possibly, decide to continue your collaboration, possibly as long-term business partners (e.g. joint ventures, sub-contracting activities, contractor-supplier relationships, etc).


Do you want to expand your business while helping others?


- Permanent resident in Denmark  

- Companys´ CVR registered in Denmark

- Minimum 3 year of entrepreneurial experience

- Willingness to share the knwoledge and act as mentor