Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University (SEA) has been the home base of Entrepreneurship at AAU since 2003. Our mission is to support, facilitate and motivate to knowledge-based entrepreneurship at AAU with the purpose of creating entrepreneurial skills and mind-set among especially students, to uncover entrepreneurial potential and to help our start up teams get the best chance to grow into successful businesses. In that regard, we play an essential part in the strategy of Aalborg University in bringing more knowledge to the surrounding world.

At SEA we work at four different levels to give the best opportunities for everybody to reach a certain skill level within entrepreneurship and to help our entrepreneurial talents to get as far as possible.

Culture Creation

In collaboration with both study departments and regional business partners, we expose entrepreneurship as an attractive and viable career path through cultural development, inspirational events, pitches from local start up teams and a visible presence at local study departments.

Educational development

This is for you as a researcher, instructor or part of a study board with an interest in enhancing entrepreneurship at either your own study department or across the university. In close collaboration with you we aid in developing entrepreneurial elective courses, semesters and study programmes both at a local and a cross disciplinary level.


If you are interested in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and wants to learn more, we offer free workshops after normal work hours. Here it is possible for both students and staff to obtain skills within i.e. idea development, idea validation, business modelling, pitching and project management, and it is possible to meet others with a similar interest in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Start-up guidance and acceleration

If you have an idea for a start-up, we always have an open door for potential start up teams, where we offer guidance on how to change a project idea to a viable business idea. If you are ready to take your idea to the next level, we have different acceleration programmes, where you get access to target-oriented guidance, help with setting the team, physical incubation space, professional counsellors and access to both mentors, business collaborators outside of the University and soft funding.

Since 2003, we have brought together inventors, creatives and enterprising people from a wide range of academic disciplines, united behind a shared passion for entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to connect AAU students, researchers and graduates to both solo and collaborative entrepreneurship through education, training, and management, with the explicit goal of boosting innovation, creativity and startup activities across AAU. 

Each semester, we provide educational opportunities through guest speakers, workshops, and several different programs aimed at increasing startup skills and competences across AAU. In addition to consultancy work, we also host a variety of social, networking and career events.


What we offer

AAU Inkubator

Joining the Start-Up Program gives you access to the AAU Inkubator, which offers fly-in/fly-out offices, kitchen facilities, and valuable networking with other startups.

Visit the Inkubator website to learn more. Read more here.


Business Developers

When you are part of the AAU Start-Up Program, you will be assigned your own business developer, who will help guide you through the process of starting your own business. The business developers are a team of experienced entrepreneurs available to the residents of the AAU Inkubator.
Meet our business developers here!



The greatest asset for any start-up is networking. Networking grants access to tacid knowledge that can otherwise be difficult to obtain for a new business adventurer. At the inkubator, networking becomes natural and easy. Through our social and educational events, the network also extends beyond the inkubator.



Your start-up can be boosted by working with a mentor from a relevant industry or with relevant knowledge. To gain a mentor, please contact a SEA Business Developer. This service is launched November 2017 and the mentor team consists of highly professional individuals with unique competences. Meet the mentors here!


Venture CUP

Participants of the Start-up Program are encouraged to participate in the Venture Cup, and the business developers will help you improve your chances of winning the competition. Read more about Venture Cup here!