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At SEA we are the proud facilitator of a well-working mentor program with a skilled group of mentors. As a student, a PhD, a researcher or an alumni it is possible to be considered eligible to get a mentor if you are part of a startup. We match our mentors with startup teams, such that the mentor is mentoring a group. Furthermore, we have several programs, which are the primary entries to the mentor program. These are as follows:

  • For students: To get a mentor through SEA you have to be part of the Startup Program. Read more.
  • For PhD/researchers: To get a mentor through SEA you should be part of our Research to Business activities. Read more.
  • For Alumni: To get a mentor through SEA you should be part of the program Innovative Growth. Contact Rasmus Hedegaard or Line Uggerly to learn more about Innovative Growth.


Meet the mentors

You can see the full list of SEA mentors here.


If you have questions, please contact Claus Skaaning at cls@adm.aau.dk.