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The AAU Start-Up Program is for you: a student with an idea. An idea that might be turned into a new company. Maybe you are unsure if the idea is any good?   

What do you do with your idea?  

We think you should try to work with it, together with people who can assist you. At AAU SEA we have a team of dedicated people who have their own experiences and contacts in taking an idea and turning it into business.  

What do you need to do? 

You have to apply to take part. Below you can see three different stages; Discovery, Start and Growth. The easiest place to start is Discovery, but dependent upon how far you have come you might fit one of the other stages. 

Most of you will begin in Discovery and take it from there, others might got to Start and build from there. 

If you have any doubts - please contact AAU SEA (see below) - and we can help you to figure out what to do. 

NOTE! We encourage you to either send an application or get in touch with us - regardless if you think your idea is good or not.  

What we offer

AAU Inkubator

Joining the Start-Up Program gives you access to the AAU Inkubator, which offers fly-in/fly-out offices, kitchen facilities, and valuable networking with other startups.

Visit the Inkubator website to learn more. Read more here.


Business Developers

When you are part of the AAU Start-Up Program, you will be assigned your own business developer, who will help guide you through the process of starting your own business. The business developers are a team of experienced entrepreneurs available to the residents of the AAU Inkubator.



The greatest asset for any start-up is networking. Networking grants access to tacid knowledge that can otherwise be difficult to obtain for a new business adventurer. At the inkubator, networking becomes natural and easy. Through our social and educational events, the network also extends beyond the inkubator.



When you enter the Start or Growth phase, your start-up will be assigned a mentor from a relevant industry or with relevant knowledge, to help boost your start-up in difficult areas. This service is launched November 2017 and the mentor team consists of highly professional individuals with unique competences. Meet the mentors here!



Each phase of the Startup Program offers some initial funding to help you reach the goals you have set for yourself and your startup. The funding can vary and is controlled by your assigned business developer from SEA.