Startup with AAU roots is celebrated at DTU

Startup with AAU roots is celebrated at DTU

AAU Start-Up, INNITI, impressed at Skylab's pitching contest in December 2017.

Last modified: 11.01.2018

Af Alexander Kokkedal, Skribent for SEA på AAU.

Last December, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) as part of its Skylab Ignite program for entrepreneurs held a pitching contest, where the best pitches were rewarded with 5.000 DKK to spend on business advisors. INNITI was among the winners and has its foundation in two former AAU students’ Bachelor’s project at the water technology company Aquaporin. Near the end of their Bachelor’s degree, the two students had the opportunity of creating INNITI in the AAU Startup Program.

– We had a background as production engineers and followed to chemical researchers’ workflow to optimize them, tells Malthe Muff, CEO in INNITI, who after the Bachelor’s at AAU CPH studies a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering Management at DTU.

– We tried from a Lean-perspective to make the researcher’s process of producing water filters more efficient, but as the project came along we rapidly got so far that we could also try building an automatic system for the chemical researchers, so they wouldn’t have to do as much manual labour, Malthe Muff explains.


Self-consciousness gave the winning pitch

INNITI’s victory at Skylab Ignite released funds to help get the business aspects of the company right. INNITI having the winning pitch can be attributed to a variety of factors.

– We were probably a little further than the others and had pretty well-defined goals about where we were going with the startup, and how we would reach them. We were also conscious of where our strengths and weaknesses are, says co-founder Malthe Muff.

Currently, the work at INNITI is concentrated on developing a prototype of the optimization system in cooperation with Aquaporin while seeking funds to get more assistance.

– We need our prototype ready to be tested first at Aquaporin and later with their partner companies. Then we have to enhance its quality and stability while moving from prototype to a product that is easily reproduceable, states Malthe Muff.

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