Science for society

If you are a PhD or Postdoc, then Science for Society has some great offers for you! Science for Society puts focus on your career options outside academia – including the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur.

Through a wide range of activities, Science for Society aims to increase your knowledge of PhD employability in the labor market and helps you with a more effective transition from academia to the job market.

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Business Booth

So do you have a brilliant business idea you want to share? Are you in need of some professional feedback? Or do you want to grow even more? Come to Business Booth Work-in.

In cooperation with some of the best accountants, lawyers, mentors and other professionals in the area of Entrepreneurship, we offer informal counselling and feedback on your business idea. It is free and easygoing. All the students and graduates from Aalborg University and University College Nordjylland are welcome.

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Entrepreneurial talent

The entrepreneurial Talent workshops consist of two workshops for everyone, who wish to know more about how entrepreneurship can enhance their life and career. The workshops are aimed at all students, Ph.d., and alumni.

The workshops are free for everyone and runs twice a year.

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