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Science for Society

If you are a PhD or Postdocs, then Science for Society has some great offers for you!

Science for Society puts focus on your career options outside academia – including the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur.

Through a wide range of activities, Science for Society aims to increase your knowledge of PhD employability in the labor market and helps you with a more effective transition from academia to the job market. In addition, Science for Society aims to provide you with relevant information of entrepreneurship and concrete examples of PhDs who have made it as entrepreneurs.


Science for Society offers:


Science for Society is a 3-year EU Interreg project (2016-2018) that seeks to increase the amount of PhDs and Postdocs who envision becoming entrepreneurs or look to the employment prospects outside the university in general. For more information, please contact project manager Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist.

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Find more inspiration from the project here:

Principal scientist at Grundfos, Poul Toft Frederiksen, with his presentation “What does it take for a PhD to succeed in an industrial environment?” at the PhD conference in February 2017 in Aalborg:



Serial entrepreneur, AAU PhD, and Associate professor at AAU, Reimer Ivang, with his presentation ”Ready for the long haul” at the PhD conference in February 2017 in Aalborg:


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