AAU Inkubator Partner Pack

Being a member of AAU Inkubator is cool. Not only are you allowed to join our events, workshops and guidance. You are also entitled to receive various discounts, freebies and other advantages from our Partner Pack.

We have negotiated hard with a number of companies that holds the services and products that will help startups to succeed to provide you the best deals.

A startup is hard work, dedication and seeking possibilities. To work hard on your startup you often need tools, programs, services, etc. and most often these things cost money. And money is a scarcity among most startups!

The membership of AAU Inkubator is your gateway to all the help, funding possibilities and tools we can provide. If you are not a member yet, quickly go to http://www.sea.aau.dk/inkubator/signup and signup today!

If you want to receive the goodies we have arranged for you, please send an email to:


The list keeps expanding, but if you have specific requests, feel free to email us at: Henj@adm.aau.dk

You can also see a full list of partners and sponsors for our And Startups program here



Debito Inkasso

Debito Inkasso