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SEA is the home base of innovation and entrepreneurship at AAU. Since 2003, we have brought together inventors, creatives and enterprising people from a wide range of academic disciplines, united behind a shared passion for entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to connect AAU students, researchers and graduates to both solo and collaborative entrepreneurship through education, training, and management, with the explicit goal of boosting innovation, creativity and startup activities across AAU. 

Each semester, we provide educational opportunities through guest speakers, workshops, and several different programs aimed at increasing startup skills and competences across AAU. In addition to consultancy work, we also host a variety of social, networking and career events.



Join Us!

SEA is the place for you if:

  • You are passionate about ideation, invention and/or entrepreneurship
  • Want to learn more about working with startups.
  • Have an idea that you want to test and validate.
  • Have an invention you want to commercialize.
  • Have a student project with real-world application possibilities.
  • Want to join a diverse community of creatives and innovators!

We welcome innovators and creatives from all academic disciplines, so don't let your unique background hinder your application! Make sure to follow our Facebook page for more detailed updates!


- See the SEA program brochure here. 








Fresh Veggies supply container size sustainable off-grid mini-farms to urban areas in Denmark.

"We are bringing shared vertical farming to urban areas in Denmark. This allows citizens to grow their own high-quality food."

    - Fresh Veggies

To read more about "Fresh Veggies" and their entrepreneurial venture, click the image!



Crickster exists to challenge the boundaries of health and sustainability of the western food culture, by bringing its customers delicate and natural foods bade with insect flower, adjusted to western food habits. Crickster thrives through staff diversity and a creative atmosphere, which enables experimentation, creativity and happiness of staff members, working closely together to reach a common goals of supplying healthy and sustainable produce to it´s customers.

We create authentic eating experiences, where passion and cause unites.

    - Crickster


To read more about "Crickster" and their entrepreneurial venture, click the image! 


If you share our interest for innovation and entrepreneurship - or want to learn more - please contact us.