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About SEA

SEA (Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University) is the university’s central entrepreneurship office for the students. On a yearly basis SEA works with more than 500 students in different teaching courses, with students from AAU and University College Nordjylland. 60 % of SEA’s employees have entrepreneurship experience and they all have a long experience by supporting entrepreneurship and business development.

SEA’s aim is to create greater focus on entrepreneurship and make it an integrated part of Aalborg University's daily activities. SEA manages two tracks; AAU Inkubator and Entrepreneurship Education.

AAU Inkubator is all our practical work with entrepreneurship. The Inkubator Program gives an opportunity for testing and developing business ideas at Aalborg University and consists of different offers to students, researchers and graduates. No matter the business challenge or problem, the management at SEA will help you achieve your business goals.

At Entrepreneurship Education we work with development of education. We offer a variety of entrepreneurship courses and electives at AAU and we teach and manage the courses ourselves. Our courses and electives are for everybody, who has a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, regardless the area of study. We do our best to adjust every course and elective through empirical data collection and analysis in various professional fields. We think that combining different fields of knowledge is beneficial for developing new ideas; therefore, we are striving to emphasize interdisciplinarity when planning a new course or an elective.




Fresh Veggies supply container size sustainable off-grid mini-farms to urban areas in Denmark

"We are bringing shared vertical farming to urban areas in Denmark. This allows citizens to grow their own high-quality food. “Fresh Veggies” supply container size mini-farms."

- Fresh Veggies

Fresh veggies consist of Darius Moravcik, Johanna Buchwalds and Janis Berzins. They are students at Entrepreneurial Engineering at AAU, Global Business Engineer VIA UC and graduate from International Business. 

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Crickster udforsker grænserne for velvære og bæredygtighed inden for den vestlige fødevarekultur ved at bringe dig delikate og naturlige fødevarer med insektmel tilpasset dine madvaner. Crickster vækster igennem en mangfoldig og afslappet atmosfære, der tillader eksperimentering, kreativitet og glæde ved at arbejde sammen med andre om et fælles mål; at lave sunde, bæredygtige fødevarer til dig. Vi er drevet af at skabe autentiske madoplevelser, hvor passion og formål forenes.

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